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The 2014 FlipGeeks Rundown – In Television

new shows

10. New Shows On The Block

Fall season came which only means that we are treated to a new set of TV series to get addicted to. Though they were plentiful there are only a few that really caught our attention. One of the fan favorites is The Strain. Based on the book written by  Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the show keeps you on the edge of your seats and manages to return the scariness of vampires. For those who are more into some legal drama then How To Get Away with murder is for you. Even though it’s still new, it has managed to get on the good side of the critiques and also generate a lot of social media noise. Also there’s another hero that joins the TV series. The Flash which was already first seen in the Arrow was an instant hit with the audiences.

Sherlock Series 3

9. The Return of Sherlock

It’s great to have the world’s greatest detective back on air; after years of being left hanging from the previous season’s cliffhanger Moffat spared no expense when it comes to giving out the best of the show and this season does have its best moments whether it’ll be the shocking reveals, the development of the bromance between Sherlock and Watson, or even the going toe to toe with Sherlock’s newest adversary. Just when we thought we’d see a good conclusion, Moffat left us hungry for more.


8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Picks Up The pace!

It seems that the Marvel fan-club universally agreed that AoS started off “weak” but it wasn’t until the show’s latter half of the first season where it really did pick up. What really surprised everybody was how well-executed the crossover was with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, putting in genuine twists and truly is the living embodiment of Nick Fury’s warning to Steve on trusting anybody at S.H.I.E.L.D.. With crossovers like that it truly does show that the show is of relevance to the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe and even the second season’s Mid-Season finale sets up a film a few years from now that I have seen people question how they could introduce. I’m excited for the second half of the season to see where they go with it. It is definitely a show that does get better and better.


7. In Memoriam

We are gathered here today to honor the memories of the ones we have lost this past year, after the murderer known as (insert screenwriter here) decided to kill off beloved characters. We remember the tragic death of Beth Greene in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead a death so effective that 35,000 signatures where signed in order for her to live. Though Beth wasn’t the only one we’ve lost this year for we’ve also lost her father, Herschel Greene (as Michonne couldn’t bear to watch what he had become later on) and of course Daryl’s brother, Merle (Daryl needs a break)

Game of Thrones offered us the epic battle between Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane and Oberyn “Red Viper” Martell which ended with a whimper (or a scream), but most of all the deaths of Joffrey Baratheon and Tywin Lannister – both deaths that brought joy to the world.

Though Game of Thrones is not the only one that did give us an epic battle; the mid-season finale of Arrow did feature a breathtaking battle between Ra’s Al Ghul and Oliver Queen and I wouldn’t be using the word “breathtaking” after the episode’s final moments (R.I.P. Oliver Queen… For now). Earlier in the season Oliver’s past love interest and friend the Black Canary was also murdered by an assailant whose identity would surprise you.


6. Supernatural 200th episode

Brothers Dean and Sam Winchester has been through a lot. Hunting monster, killing demons, going to Heaven and Hell (and also Purgatory), stopping the apocalypse, and even going back in time but this is something that they weren’t prepared for: A Supernatural Musical. Marking the 200th episode of the series the brothers investigate an all-girls school only to find that the students were making a musical about Supernatural. Hilarity ensues as the show pokes fun at itself while also addressing the fandom by addressing things such as Wincest and Destiel (Dean X Castiel).


5. Marvel And Netflix Announces Defenders Series

Fans were taken by surprise as Marvel joined forces with Netflix to produce five new shows that would revolve around the Defenders. The said shows would be “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Iron Fist”, “Luke Cage” which then would lead “The Defenders” mini-series. Casting has already been done for the shows titular characters except for “Iron Fist”. As for the other series of shows here are the actors/actress that were chosen: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.


4. The Year of the TV Crossovers

2014 is probably the year were we have seen the most crossovers in television. Starting off with the Family Guy and Simpsons crossover in which Peter Griffin and his family gets stuck in Springfield which leads them to stay at the Simpsons. Obviously hilarity and chaos follows. Not stopping at just crossing over to one show, the Simpsons also joins the cast of Futurama in which Fry and the gang goes back in time to stop the Simpsons from destroying the future. It seems that people still can’t Let it Go (pun intended) when it comes to the hit Disney animated movie that came out recently. That movie went everywhere even in a TV show called, Once Upon A Time where they dedicated half of the season to a Frozen crossover where we do see the story of Frozen continue with a twist of another Snow Queen (the queen Elsa should’ve been as most people wanted). Lastly the crossover between Arrow and the Flash has been talked about ever since before the Flash has actually piloted. Fans and audiences were in for a treat as the two teamed up with two episodes that aired on each other’s show.


3. How I Met Your Mother’s Series Finale

As much as we want to feature the series that did end this year, we would like to highlight the series finale of How I Met Your Mother more being said to be the most debated topic when it aired its last episode. There were three sides of the argument regarding the show’s final moments; one side being that they wanted to end the way they expected it to be and it is fading to black when Ted says the opening and final line “and that kids is How I Met Your Mother”, one side saying it was okay and it does “make sense” to which why Ted ends up Robin instead, while the other side is the more neutral side (the ones who waited for the DVD with the alternate ending). No matter what ending you prefer we can all agree that How I Met Your Mother will always be remembered. Now suit up!


2. The Legend of Korra Comes to an End

It’s been 2 years since The Legend of Korra was introduced to us and just this month it reached its climatic ending. The show stood out for having a strong female lead and her adventures on changing the world.  The road for Korra has been a bumpy one though. As the show went on to tackle more serious and mature themes, Avatar was forced to stop airing on TV and to transferred to online streaming. The setbacks were still nothing when compared to the praises that the show received for tackling issues that were rarely discussed in a children’s show. The back to back episode finale was also one of the most talked about endings. It was full of action and drama, the two things that the show excels at. Alas as the final scene was shown, The Legend of Korra has changed the face of television.

Be Careful With My Heart

1. Be Careful With My Heart ends – Finally!

Yes! This is truly the best headline we have read all year, the headline where universally as Filipinos took our breasts and say “well it’s about time” or “finally” It is about time this overly long show finally pulls it plug, because for a second there it would’ve been like a reality show where we would follow these peoples’ lives. Truly this is the television event of the year


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