Posted October 4, 2012 by Elaine Cepeda in Anime/Manga

MANGA REVIEW: Another Vol. 2

Title: Another
Author: Ayatsuji Yukito
Artist: Kiyohara Hiro
Genre/s: Supernatural, Horror, Mystery
Publisher: Kadokawa
Serialized in: Young Ace
Volume/s: 4

“It started.” That is what the whole class have been saying. With the death of a character one after the other happening to those who are related to class 3-3, Kouichi tries to dig further to what happened 26 years ago. But this time, who will be the next victim?

While the first volume made me expect a lot to the coming volumes, volume 2 disappointed me. When I finished reading this, I am annoyed and confused at the same time. It spends its first 3 to 4 chapters with the deaths of different people without shedding light to the questions raised in the previous volume. It’s like trying to sustain the suspense by giving out more deaths. However, the story fell short on that.

The alienation continues. Now, it even includes Kouichi as a non-existent in their class. But even Kouichi becomes irritating in this volume. The manga-ka doesn’t seem to know whether to give a perceptive personality or not. No, actually all of the characters seem like that. There are some scenes that are rather giving out an out-of-character feel.

Misaki doesn’t turn out any better too. The revelation she makes in this volume is anti-climactic. I expected it something big though not necessarily dramatic. The way she explains it confuses me so I’m not sure if she really did answer the question in the first volume or not. Her answers are vague that it doesn’t feel like the mystery is explained enough to get the bottom of this.

Out of all the revelations presented in this volume, the one that piques my interest is about Kouichi’s aunt. Even though I don’t get what she is trying to do or portray in the story, she gives out some hints that might have probably link the death of Kouichi’s mother to the curse of class 3-3. I’ll be looking for some hints about this in the next volume just to confirm my assumptions although by this time I’ve pretty much given up with the plot.

I’m not satisfied with this volume as nothing really happens. However, I’ll still be reading the next chapters to see what will happen next. I’m hoping that volume 3 won’t let me down as much as volume 2 did.

Elaine Cepeda