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Story: Cullen Bunn
Art: Vanessa R. Del Ray
Color: Michael Barland
Cover: Vanessa R. Del Ray
Publisher: Boom! Studios

The Empty Man

The Empty Man has a familiar kind of story. There’s a disease of unknown origin, symptoms that are disturbing, and a cult that just might be behind all the deaths in the story. But this book has a lot more to it. The first issue gives us the things that we need to know that are happening in the story. You’ll find out about the Empty Man(which is the name of the disease), its effect and the characters that would move the story forward.

Cullen Bunn(Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, The Damned, Sixth Gun) starts his story at an abandoned gas station where a man starts preaching. With an opening like that, it gives us an idea that supernatural forces might be involved. What I really liked are the characteristics of the disease. It’s not the typical body fluid infection. You just suddenly have it. Then comes the symptoms that are often brutal. Bunn’s just made another interesting disease for the horror genre. Expect Bunn’s writing to give you the creeps, especially when the accounts of the past incidents are described.

I think Vanessa R. Del Ray’s(HIT) art for the book hit the right notes. It looks dark and moody. Perfect for setting the atmosphere for a comic book like this one. I’ve seen plenty of gore in comics especially since I’m following Crossed so I’ve gotten used to the sight. But the gore for this issue is really good, it achieves a disturbing feeling especially when you combine it with Bunn’s writing. Also the blood splatter looks incredible.

I actually thought that it would be another generic zombie book but the first issue proved me wrong. It has much more to it when you have read it. I’m definitely looking forward to the next issues as I was already hooked to find out what’s on the last page. The Empty Man is a definite must have from BOOM! Studios.

RATING: 9 out of 10


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