Posted April 2, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

New Trailers for TED and TOTAL RECALL Remake

Two new trailers came out this weekend including the trailer for the Total Recall remake together with Family Guy‘s Seth McFarlane‘s Ted.

Here’s the synopsis for the film which will star Collin Farrell together with Kate Beckinsale..

” As the nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai vie for supremacy, a factory worker (Farrell) begins to suspect that he’s a spy, though he is unaware which side of the fight he’s on. “

Total Recall Trailer

meanwhile, here’s the poster and the redband trailer for “Ted” which also marks the directorial debut of Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.

A word of advice, it’s filled with foul language so you might want to watch this away from kids…

The movie also stars Mila Kunis….

Earl Maghirang