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New UNDERWORLD Movie With Kate Beckinsale In Development; TV Series Also Greenlit!

Underworld director Len Wiseman spoke with IGN during the height of New York Comic-Con to discuss a few details regarding the next movie in the franchise, plus clearing a few rumors about his wife, Kate Beckinsale’s involvement in it.


According to his interview with the said site, a few things are currently being developed as they hope to expand the universe. He first referenced the spinoff, which was recently announced, and will be featuring Divergent lead Theo James(in his old role as David from Awakening). He also quickly dispelled the rumors that Kate won’t be returning in any future installments of the franchise.

Wiseman told IGN, “Another film is being developed with Kate (Beckinsale), possibly as well.” Additionally, Wiseman says a television series based on the vampires vs. werewolves franchise is also in the works.

You may check the full interview by playing the video above.

Source: IGN Channel on YouTube

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