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Game Of Thrones Season 5: Post Mortem Analysis and Predictions

Season 5 of HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones has probably been the most controversial  season yet and as the most pirated show, the whole world is literally watching. From leaked episodes, a scandalous wedding night, fans dropping the show and breaking the internet, the show has had a lot of surprises for this season.

Now that the dust has settled and before we enter into some Thrones Withdrawal, let’s do an analysis of the season as well as what to expect for Season 6.
Four Leaked Episodes For The Most Pirated Show

The Season had barely even started when the internet exploded with four leaked episodes of Season 5 of Game Of Thrones. Fans were divided among those who went ahead and watched the leaked episodes online to those who chose to “pay the Iron Price” and watch each episode as they came out, I was part of the latter. HBO took to action by sending warnings to those who downloaded the leaked episodes through their Internet Service Providers. There have been no reported arrests made. Investigation revealed that the leaked episodes came from members of the press who were given advanced copies for reviews and write ups. Following the incident, HBO has stopped giving out advanced copies to the press, whether they will continue to do so up to Season 6 is still left to be seen.

Barristan The Bold. Loved and Remebered

“…I knew I must find my true King, and die in his service.”

-Ser Barristan to Dany 

In an early  dissapointment for fans of the show and book readers. A well loved character, Ser Barristan Selmy, arguably the only honorable knight in the Kingsguard/Queensguard meets his untimely death at the hands of the Sons of the Harpy. This came as a shock even to book readers since Ser Barristan is still alive and well the books. You will be missed! Ser Barristan! You were one of the good ones.

What Sand Snakes ? More like Sand Baby Snakes

In the books, the Sand Snakes were arguably a pretty cool group who stage a revolt to avenge their father Oberyn Martell whose skull got smashed and has then become a vision for really bad migraines. Unfortunately the Sand Snakes in the series were a big dissapointment for readers and non-readers alike. They just looked pretty in costume and cool with their weapons but proved poorly in battle, facing a one handed Jamie Lannister and his good man Bronn. Then played strip tease with a poor poisoned Bronn.

Worst Honeymoon Ever 

“Life is not a song sweetling. Someday you will learn that to your sorrow.”

-Petyr Baelsih (A Game Of Thrones)

There was much talk about Sansa’s return to Winterfell. Fans loved to see her back home and have some of her confidence come back but her marriage to Ramsay Snow Bolton had book readers fear for her fate. The books originally had Jeyne Poole (Sansa’s friend) who was pretending to be Arya wed Ramsay and consequently be at the receiving end of his cruelty. It was the episode where Sansa was brutally raped by Ramsay (in an act of consummating the marriage) while making poor Theon watch, that had fans up in arms. Debate on the show’s seemingly obsessive fascination on the culture of rape had members of the press announce that they will no longer watch the show or cover it, while other fans came to the show’s defense.  I really don’t believe that the people who said they would stop watching the show actually did.

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

-Ramsay Bolton

Short Screentime But Really Awesome Karsi 

Although only appearing in one episode and only having about 7 minutes of screen time. Danish actress Birgitte Hjorn Sorensen who plays Kommisar in Pitch Perfect 2, captured audiences hearts in her portrayal of Wildling chieftain Karsi. She takes the offer of Jon Snow to have her people travel back South of the Wall. When all hell breaks loose and the battle Hardhome begins, we see Karsi kicking some undead butt and helping her fellow willings get to safety. She faces some zombie children and she cannot bring herself to fight them, this ultimately becomes her undoing. She dies and is later raised from the dead by the Night King. Despite the short screen time Karsi has received more love from fans than the Sand Snakes and she didn’t even have to take her clothes off.


“Nothing burns like the cold.”-Gared Ranger 

A Game Of Thrones 


Episode 8 of Season 5: Hardhome will probably go down as one of the best fight scenes in Game Of Thrones history, heck probably even in TV history!

Coming as a surprise to everybody! No one knew Hardhome was happening and when it did it was a glorious battle that still runs my blood cold. Resembling World War Z in it’s adrenaline powered, super fast and super fearsome army of the dead, viewers just lost their minds and the internet just blew up. Hardhome has then been synonymous to one awesome fight scene and (probably) currently the holder of Best fight Scene in Westeros -ever.

Another bonus from Hardome is that we get to see the Night’s King in all of his creepy glory. Yeah, you know he’s just saying “Come At Me Crow.” 

We’ll definitely be seeing more of him!

Show Stannis Versus Book Stannis

Show Stannis has fallen off his rocker from such a high height that fans now refer to him as “Stannis The Mannis (Menace)” and his more reasonable counterpart as “Book Stannis”. Stannis (Book) is a fan favorite as he seems to be a reasonable contender for the Iron Throne.

But alas, he has become a desperate fanatic who had his own daughter burned on the stake in a last ditch attempt to conquer Winterfell. Episode 10 opens with Stannis seeing the consequences of his actions. Mutiny from his men, the suicide of his wife. Really this guy has nothing left! It is in this state where Brienne off Tarth finds him in the battlefield and in poetic justice, Brienne avenges her beloved Renly whom Stannis confesses as to killing with blood magic. That’s one for Oathkeeper.

TV’s New Power Couple

We’ve all wanted to see it, two fan favorites, literally continents apart, finally meet! Dany and Tyrion in one scene. Although it hasn’t happened in the books yet, even readers know it was bound to happen eventually and so it has. Even if it was just intelligent conversation between the two, the scene had fans cheering.

How to Train Your DROGON

Oh come on, we’ve all seen those “How To Train Your Drogon” memes but whether clever or funny, the scene where Dany rides Drogon sent chills down my spine and I cried a bit-seeing her fulfill her destiny.

What Goes Around Comes Around 

Fans cheered as they saw a once proud Cersei in a dungeon, dressed in rags and covered in dirt and grime. Memes of her current state with an imprisoned Ned Stark littered the internet.

Cersei was then forced to do penance for the sin that she confessed. Her hair was cut short and she was made to walk naked all the way back to the Red Keep. Of course the common people found it amongst themselves to tar and feather Cersei so to speak. They pelterred her with vegetables, spat on her and did all sorts of really gross things. This is probably the only time you would feel sorry for Cersei, she is after all just looking out for her children in her own twisted way.

The Death Of Jon Snow

Readers probably already guessed that this was happening during the finale. (the fact that it was the last scene and we have to wait for a whole freaking year?! <\3 -torture!) I think the hardest part in the scene was Olly plunging the last knife in. “For the Watch.” The internet is already up in arms about this. 

For some characters, their story ends, pretty much where they do in the books.


Dany is in the wild and has found the Kalasaar. Jon Snow is dead at the hands of his brothers of the Night’s Watch. Cersei is in the hands of Ser Robert Strong and just finished her walk of shame.

The Show Runners did a good job of keeping the fate’s of Jon Snow, Cersei, and Dany where the books end, which makes everyone, readers and non-readers alike clueless on what happens next.


It’s honestly so hard to think of predictions for Season 6 (which has already been renewed) since the TV series have diverged from the books so much. The show is literally showing scenes that have not yet happened in the books! So both book readers and non-book readers are surprised at the curve balls that are being thrown. Regardless, I’ll still try my best to make some bold predictions for season 6.

Jon Snow

Okay so the fans are probably up in arms about what happened to Jon. He’s up in those they can’t possibly die characters but yes he does. There is some hope in the many fan theories out there. WARNING SPOILERS.

Fan art of Azor Ahai.

Fans have talked about Jon Snow having to die in order for him to cut his ties with the Night’s Watch so that he can become Azor Ahai -the Prince that was promised becasue obviously Stannis ain’t him. He has to die in order for him to cut his ties from The Night’s Watch you know the “his watch has ended” (in death bit).

Second Fan Theory (R + L = J) so that gives Jon Targaryean blood and we’ve already seen one Targaryen go into the flames and come out unscathed with dragon babies no less. So let’s see if Jon’s secret parentage will help him.

Melisande does some magic that TV viewers didn’t get to see. She switched The Lord Of Bones with Mance so the person who actually got burned was The Lord Of Bones and Mance is still alive. Of course we know that this does not happen in the TV since Mance dies in episode 1 and we see The Lord Of Bones in Hardhome. Maybe this time we do see some of Melisandre’s magic actually work.

Bran: North Of The Wall


We have seen actor Issac Hempstead-Wright (Bran) literally grow up in our eyes, he was the boy who fell in season 1 and is now north of the wall with the children and the three eyed raven. We haven’t seen him (or his very eloquent side kick Hodor) through the whole of season 5, which is why I am boldly guessing that their story will pick up in Season 6.

Rickon and Osha And…Davos ? 

In the books, Davos is given the task of looking for Rickon, you know the youngest Stark who we last see leaving with Osha the Wildling. Now that Shireen is gone (sniffs) Davos might try to save another kid. So we might see Davos go off on his own adventure.

Sir Robert Strong 

Just who was that huge knight who picked Cersei up as if she were a toothpick? He is Sir Robert Strong and it has been guessed that he is Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain. Predictions is that there will be another trial by combat with this guy.

Lady Stoneheart 

Lady Stoneheart AKA Catelyn Stark revived should have long been in the TV show but dissapointend fans were left with no Lady Stoneheart. Will she finally make an appearance in Season 6? Casting calls for characters surrounding her arc have been made. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s another case of waiting for a whole year! Before we get any answers! Unless Book 6 miracously comes out. Unfortunately this is the life of A Thronie and we will now altogether go through the hardest part of being a fan -waiting for the next season :(

The night is dark and full of terrors indeed. 

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