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After the cliff-hanging conclusion of Once Upon A Time’s season 3 finale – one that teases the arrival of the queen of Arendelle – fans of the show had their minds set on: they will definitely going to have a taste of Frozen in their TV screens. But there is even a more important question hanging in the air: Who will play Elsa? Are we going to see Anna and Kristoff?

The answer is yes.

Last week, the series’ showrunners named Greek alum Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff, the rugged mountaineer and Anna’s love interest and newbie Elizabeth Lail as Anna, Queen Elsa’s sister. Many resources confirmed that these two characters will appear for the season 4 of the series for the Frozen plot as it joins the fairy tale tussle.

Days after , they finally named Georgina Haig as Queen Elsa. Georgina Haig appeared in Fringe TV series as Etta, Peter and Olivia’s daughter and recently on CBS’ Reckless.

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