Posted April 11, 2016 by Norby Ela in Comics

Azhdarchid Comics prepares NATIVE #4 and TENDER THINGS this Summer

Local independent comic book imprint Azhdarchid Comics has released previews of its two titles – NATIVE #4 and TENDER THINGS both written and drawn by Julius Villanueva (Ella Arcangel, Cold Tooth, Richard Keso: Kesong City) are coming out this April 2016.

imageTender Things cov

Second to the last of the first arc, NATIVE #4: Juan and his family are on their way to the safety of the mountains. But they need to pass through the dangerous Luzon wastelands.

Julius Villanueva continues his series of short one-shot dinosaur stories with TENDER THINGS: a gist. Villanueva best describes it as “tungkol siya sa pagiibigan ng dalawang dinosaur may forever

Native #4 and Tender Things will both be released this April 2016.


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