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Cold Tooth cover


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November 23, 2015
IF WE HOLD ON TOGETHER One of the best selections in the PIKO Anthology, in my humble opinion, is the sole entry made by Julius Villanueva entitled Lucky that utilizes dinosaurs in his heartwarming graphic narrative. He further expands his love on the prehistoric beasts in his one-shot issue named, COLD TO...

Cold Tooth cover


November 11, 2015
COLD TOOTH Story & Art by Julius Villanueva Cover by Julius Villanueva Published by Azhdarchid Comics Cover Price PhP 70 Date of Release November 2015 Other details 16 pages A nanuqsaurus tries to survive a harsh Cretaceous winter. But it’s not just the cold she has to worry about.

Azhdarchid Comics logo

Azhdarchid Comics prepares NATIVE #4 and TENDER THINGS this Summer

April 11, 2016
Local independent comic book imprint Azhdarchid Comics has released previews of its two titles – NATIVE #4 and TENDER THINGS both written and drawn by Julius Villanueva (Ella Arcangel, Cold Tooth, Richard Keso: Kesong City) are coming out this April 2016. Second to the last of the first arc, NATIVE #...

Ella Arcangel 01 cov

5 THINGS ABOUT Julius Villanueva’s ‘Ella Arcangel: Oyayi sa Dilim’

February 19, 2016
FlipGeeks had a chat to Julius Villanueva (COLD TOOTH, Richard Keso: Kesong City) about his soon-to-release komiks – Ella Arcangel: Oyayi sa Dilim. He gave us 5 things about it.  1) “Inspiration ko ay Trese. Pero what if she was poor. Literally poor man’s Trese.“ 2) “Dun sa co...

My Komikon 2015

My KOMIKON 2015: Jing Opeña & Julius Villanueva

December 3, 2015
KOMIKON has been one of the main local comic book conventions here in the Philippines. And this November 2015 event was a massive two-day event with new komiks releases from new and old comic book creators, great deals from exhibitors and meeting amazing people all around. This year, Flipgeeks got to ask t...

Bloodshot Deathmate 16 cov

REVIEW: ‘Bloodshot: Reborn #16′ is man’s best friend

Comic Reviews
September 7, 2016
BLOODSHOT: REBORN #16 is the penultimate chapter of the story arc aptly named Bloodshot Island. It is essentially a very straightforward chapter with the exception of the three-page side story that may influence for the next Bloodshot: Reborn or so story arc later on. Regardless, Jeff Lemire‘s dialog...


COSPLAY FEATURE: Dinny Grayson on Runaways Karolina Dean Body Paint

August 19, 2015
On every Cosplay convention that is fast approaching, cosplayers from far and wide would start to fret and look for ways to achieve that accurate look of the character they want to portray. One of the biggest struggles for a lot of cosplayers is the correct skin color. It’s easy if your character is human,...


Finally! DARK HORSE COMICS Comes to Comixology!

June 23, 2015
Finally! Dark Horse dropped some major news that would change their game in digital comics: Today comiXology, the revolutionary cloud-based digital comics platform, proudly announced a digital distribution agreement with Dark Horse Comics, the largest independent comic book publisher, to bring their full d...


Game Of Thrones Season 5: Post Mortem Analysis and Predictions

June 15, 2015
Season 5 of HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones has probably been the most controversial  season yet and as the most pirated show, the whole world is literally watching. From leaked episodes, a scandalous wedding night, fans dropping the show and breaking the internet, the show has had a lot of surprise...



November 25, 2013
For any Doctor Who fan, this is the ultimate treat produced by CableTV.com – A Complete Timeline of Doctor Who. An infograph that starts from the beginning of the series in 1963 to the present state. Adventure Titles An Unearthly Child The Daleks The Edge of Destruction Marco Polo The Keys of Marinus...