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ELLA ARCANGEL: Noon at Ngayon

Ella Arcangel 1 coverHaliya Publishing has published a new compilation of Julius Villanueva’s indie komiks Ella Arcangel, which was first released last year.

In addition to the original “Oyayi sa Dilim” and “Lupa Ng Mga Naglaho” issues, Haliya’s Ella Arcangel – Tomo Una: Ito Ay Panganib has transformed the original komiks into a full graphic novel, containing a new story chapter ( “Hamog na Alaala”), better overall printing, and re-edited by Mervin Malonzo. Adam David also has a foreword in the book.

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We have made a couple of comparisons between the original “Oyayi sa Dilim” issue and the new Haliya Publishing edition. Check them out below.

Top: Original panel from "Oyayi sa Dilim" Bottom: Haliya Publishing edition.

Top: Original panel from “Oyayi sa Dilim” Bottom: Haliya Publishing edition.

The panel layouts and dialogue are re-edited and polished by Mervin Malonzo himself. In the above comparison, the dialogue balloons are resized and repositioned. Malonzo also used a smaller lettering font to make room for the art. Furthermore, the background has been mainly re-inked and reshaded.


Top: Original panel from “Oyayi sa Dilim” Bottom: Haliya Publishing edition.

In some cases, lengthy dialogue are cut into separate balloons to add pause and create a better flow. However, in the above example, not only was the dialogue separated, the panel was zoomed in further to focus more on the character and reducing empty spaces in the background.

To see the changes and revisions in the new edition, Ella Arcangel – Tomo Una: Ito Ay Panganib by Julius Villanueva is now available from Haliya Publishing.

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