Posted October 29, 2013 by Toby Alejandria in Comics

WEBCOMIC REVIEW: Tabi Po isyu blg. 4 and Laktaw blg. 1

Yet again, we follow our enigmatic aswang of a hero named Elias as he struggles to make sense of his surroundings and sensations that come with it.

This particular issue brings forth another question: who is the woman of his dreams? Even he doesn’t know. We don’t even know if it’s a woman he’s tracking.

It ends with Elias being faced with a pack of dogs shown in a very interesting perspective (read: bird’s eye view). The rest remains to be seen.

But. But. But!!!

Since this review is so short, I’ve decided to include Laktaw blg. 1, which doesn’t revolve around the plot in any way whatsoever.

This particular isyu (if you could call it that) shows how the author designs a page from scratch, also told by the author himself.

After reading this, one will understand his rough illustrations and probably aspire to make one themselves.

Now if I only had enough money to buy a scanner.

Toby Alejandria