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Indie Comic – DROP DEAD DANGEROUS A “Surprise Hit”

Press Release

The latest issue of the independent comic series Drop Dead Dangerous was recently released over at digital comics store DriveThruComics and proved to be a “surprise hit” after debuting second on the site’s Top 100 sellers list. With more action, mystery and bloodshed, the issue ups the ante in this manga-style horror comic set in the weird, weird West!

Drop Dead Dangerous #2 also comes in a special bundle with issues #0 and #1. For just $1.99, grab the entire series that’s been described as the one of the “Best of 2011!”

The story begins when a notorious serial killer known as “The Raven” seemingly comes back from the dead and it’s up to a wayward detective and his newfound partner to uncover the murderer’s identity— before the corpses pile up between them and the truth.

Check out reviews of past issues here and visit the official Facebook page here.

Drop Dead Dangerous is produced by Philippines-based creators Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting.

“(U)nique and original. A great hidden gem to check out.”
-Decapitated Dan’s Best of 2011

“This book is drop dead GOREgeous, plain and simple… (Drop Dead Dangerous) is hitting on a subject in horror comics that is not often done…If you want a serial killer title that is on track to having it all, you need to read this book.”
-From the Tomb Magazine Reviews

“Definitely worth checking out.”
-Secret Identity Podcast

“(T)ight and witty…and the art (has) the dynamic feel of classical action manga.”

“I like how the first thing you’ll see on page one are boobies.”

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