Posted September 6, 2013 by Toby Alejandria in Comics

WEBCOMIC REVIEW: Tabi Po Isyu Blg. 2

This issue had a lot of problems for me. It starts out interesting at first, showing a vibrant display of color in the circus. Elias – yes the protagonist is with name – gives us a small background on being an aswang. Apparently, aswangs are immortal. (I just thought that they’re supernatural beings who aged like humans—similar to werewolves. Please, educate me on this.) Elias hates the present time so much that he wishes that killed himself before; but now he couldn’t die (which opens a lot of questions and probably revelations about the lore). 

Here’s what killed the issue for me: uneven pacing. Isyu 1 could still run off this for a few pages and Malonzo could’ve started Isyu 2 on a different page. And that brings us to another problem: with little pagination per issue (I know this has improved as the issues go by but, for this issue’s purpose, I’m stating this), 3 pages are used for titles and/or chapters. So, what do we have left?

The only salvation for this issue is the consistent art (the reason why I started reading this) and that it piqued my interest as to why the aswangs in Tabi Po turn immortal.


RATING: 2 out of 5 live chickens

Toby Alejandria