Posted July 5, 2013 by Alvin Minon in Comics


It was pretty simple…
Rule one, “No one turns for home”, and Rule Two, “No one looks back”.

Each year, during the Equinox Festival, the townsfolk drop lanterns into the river, lighting up the long stretch of water with tiny sparks of light. Ben and his friends drop them too and chase with their bikes until they reach the weathered face rock. However, this time, they made a pact: follow the lanterns without turning back, unravel the truth behind the town’s legend and learn where all these lanterns end up.

Ryan Andrews really did well with This Was Our Pact. Pick this up and you could definitely feel the excitement, tension and nervousness Ben and his friends felt while coasting down the winding mountain road. The tale’s easy to follow and dive into as it induces childhood nostalgia, making readers remember the dreams, goals and naivete we had when we were kids, and all those other feelings that are somehow forgotten when people grow up.

This Was Our Pact tells us of stepping forward, taking risks, accepting consequences, searching for life’s truths and growing up. It feels heavy, yes, once the ‘Wow! This story’s telling us a lot of life’s lessons and drama!’ sinks in. May seem heavy, but at the same time, light-hearted and awe-inspiring. It’s 80 pages of storytelling that will swallow the reader up on a journey to find out where the lanterns really go.

“Did they really journey far? Into the stars like the old song sang? Did they disappear into the depths of some ancient long lost cave? Or would we simply find they’d sunk resting at the bottom of the stream?”

Alvin Minon