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Nothing has been revealed so far regarding the direction and storyline of Star Wars Episode VII, but a couple of rumors from makingstarwars.com indicate that the film might feature Jedi Hunters as the new trilogy’s primary antagonists.

According to them, a number of reliable sources from Pinewood Studios revealed that these Jedi Hunters will be similar in fashion to the Inquisitors shown in Star Wars Rebels and other Expanded Universe entries, with a few tweaks. As per the sources, these villains use lightsabers, and possess the capability to utilize force abilities. Furthermore, they are tasked with protecting the Sith legacy should anyone poses a grave threat, which is why there might not be a New Republic after the conclusion of Return of The Jedi. 

As for their appearance, the sources indicate that  these Hunters are “dressed in black, some helmeted, characterized by black and chrome with troopers in similar black and chrome uniforms. They’re very imperial, but very new.” It was also said that Lupita N’yongo, Adam Driver and David Oyelowo will be playing as the antagonists. with Lupita reportedly testing out new, yellow colored contacts in preparation for the principal photography phase.

Some tidbits for the storyline were leaked as well. The sources tell the site that the movie will be featuring a battle-weary and very tired Luke Skywalker who is in need of help with his ongoing battle against the Jedi Hunters. If everything goes as planned, we might see the Sith getting revived in Episode 8, with 9 being the climax as per the people from Pinewood.

Nothing much has been verified as of late, so take these with a grain of salt. Be wary too that makingstarwars.com has an impressive record of leaking stuff that often sees frution later on. Either way, we’ll be updating you as more Star Wars updates might come our way in the following months.



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