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Just For Fun: Cast THE LAST OF US Movie!!

Last week, we had some big news regarding the latest game from Naughty Dog, “The Last Of Us“. The hit Playstation 3 game is getting a movie adaptation, and it has been announced that director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) and his Ghost House Pictures company are gonna work on the movie.

There are no details with regards to the cast and plot for the movie, so we thought that it might be fun to do our own casting! We’re adding up some star power of course, so some of the actors/actresses may be familiar to you. Let us know your thoughts too!

Gerard Butler as JOEL – Watch ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ and you’ll see. Josh Brolin’s a close choice too.

Gerard Butler as Joel


Ellen Page as ELLIE  – No brainer here. They SHOULD get her for the role, even if she’s older.

Ellen Page as Ellie


Josh Holloway as TOMMY – Matthew McConaughey as a runner up. 

Josh Holloway as Tommy


Carrie-Ann Moss as TESS – She has already proven her skill in acting out strong women. A runner-up would be Winona Ryder.


Mark Strong as DAVIDJust add more hair, and he’ll be able to pull it off! Runner-up would be Sean Penn.

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