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The Simpsons had been one of the longest running television shows. Its been around for about 25 years and almost everyone who has television know who the Simpsons are. Who wouldn’t be able to recognize one of the well loved families in television history?

The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening and over the years the Simpsons always had a unique opening scene. No one episode is the same from the other, while majority of the opening scenes remains the same it always ends up different when Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart are about to go to the couch and turn on the tv.

Pixel artist Paul Roberston and Ivan Dixon had reimagined and recreated this iconic opening scene in pixel art! The animation feels like your 8 bit SNES/Gameboy animation with an awesome discotheque-inspired music to go with it. It’s so good that it could even be used as an opening scene to those Simpson games released back in the day. Robertson and Dixon was able to capture the magic of the opening scene and is a fitting tribute to one of our beloved television shows of all time. Watch the entire video until the end as the artists were able to left their own style and imprint on their version of the Simpsons. This video is a must see for every Simpsons fan!




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