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THE DIALOGUE: Vincent Aseo and His Imitation of Life


In technology that changes every time, there are certain things that doesn’t change. One of it is art. Art simply evolved by the medium being used, yet the message it conveys is still the same. Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” As a child grows up and learns about the things around him, so as the artist that grows within him. He begins to learn how to use technology  and the experiences that he gains wisely but the art that he makes doesn’t change at all. It is like combining the magic of modern day technology and the wonders of old age perception of art. Yes, it is all about flexibility and adaptability.


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This is how the art of Vincent Aseo can be described and defined. Those intricate layers of colors and sharp line art came from simple yet heart-warming insights, which captivates his audience. From being a simple graphic artist and illustrator from the corporate world to a renowned breakthrough freelancer artist, Vincent or  widely known as “Aseo” shows that applying the use of bold colors and sharp details doesn’t take away the essence of a certain masterpiece. It takes guts, brilliant use of technology and of course, conventional yet clever use of imagination.


Growing As An Artist

aseo2Being a fan of Tetsuya Nomura, Vincent was exposed in the artwork and illustrations of Final Fantasy games. As a self-proclaimed geek and lover, he was inspired by how Nomura designs his characters with such boldness and elegance. This inspiration was then reinforced when he learned the process of doing vector art.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing back then.” He said. “I just wanted to do vector so bad and loved the validation I get from people online.”

With the surprising compliments about his illustrations, opportunities grew bigger for this young artist. Commissions popped up everywhere as so as the people who are becoming “fans” of his art. His DeviantArt account rained a lot of praises not only from local artists but also from international visual artists and art enthusiasts. His flexible talent in incorporating both natural and abstract forms especially in his background layers without making the art heavy for the eyes of his spectators give his illustrations a refreshing feeling.

But being a fan of Nomura doesn’t stop him from learning. He continues to use techniques might be impossible to combine with his habitual ones. Being of an old school guy, he continues to incorporate new ideas with his old ideas. Thus, making him flexible in all kind of genres – simple to complex, colorful to monochromatic.

It’s a combination of thick line work with a unique blend of strong color palettes. I got my shading technique from renowned character designer Tetsuya Nomura during my college days. Now, through the artists I follow on social media.”

 Going Outside The Box

After graduating from college, Vincent worked with companies like BoNa Coffee Company, Onyx Web Wizards and such. aseo3However, he didn’t stop there. He went out of his shell and tried freelancing. Freelancing to most of the artists nowadays is risky, but for Vincent, it is breathing a new air, venturing to the worlds that he never been before.

I’m having fun and it’s pretty stable so far,” He said about his work as a freelance artist. “If there’s one thing I love about it, it’s the personal time in practicing my craft.”

But freelancing is not just about having personal time. Vincent also had his ups and downs in venturing such chancy path. But that didn’t stop him. He stepped out of the usual perception of people about freelancing. He learned how to deal with people, getting the right connections through the smart use of social media and attending and reading books that would help him market his goods.

I guess the challenge is keeping everything fresh since there’s tons of new talent every year.” He even acknowledges the talents of other artists and it gives him encouragement to do better than what he already produced. Nowadays, Vincent is learning the basics by practicing traditional art.

            “I believe fundamentals is the key in mastering every form needed especially in art.”

But art is not the only thing that Vincent breathes. During his breaks, he enjoys watching a lot of movies, wherein he found himself doing his own alternative movie poster versions. It is also the time wherein he finds his motivations and there, he takes advantage of it.

Outside Being An Artist

What makes Vincent apart from his art? It is his humility and simplicity in every compliment that he receives. Until now, he still can’t believe that his art is being known everywhere (especially to the geeks), that he attracts almost 100 people to like his illustration and has tons of commissions all over the metro and even from the other side of the world.

He alleged, ” I didn’t see this coming and I don’t see myself big at all to be a honest. (I am) still a bit overwhelmed and grateful for the people who continually support my art.”

He also shared that he is just like every artist. He had some blocks and some moments wherein inspirations suddenly dissipates in a flash.

aseo3 aseo4

            “I believe even the most famous and expert ones are not immune to it. (Referring to artist’s block). It does take a lot of time but I try not to over think and force things.  Instead I embrace the process and let the inspiration kick in naturally.”

He believes that just like a digital art, he is still an unfinished work. He has still lots of things to learn because he believes that this world has a lot more to offer to him. For him, art is a work in progress – something keeps on adding up which makes it more beautiful, just like what he views himself as a person. What lies to this artist this year? “Still a lot of poster work and cheesy one liners. Spreading the love, man.”

Check out more of his works at VincentAseo.Com and his Behance account.


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