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Mauro Ranallo Returns to WWE for Commentary Duties

After a series of events that made wrestling fans go, “Mamma mia!” Mauro Ranallo confirms his return to the WWE.

Image by WWE.com

Image by WWE.com

The former voice of SmackDown Live confirmed on his Instagram profile that he will make his return to WWE programming as he joins Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson on NXT’s commentary team. In the same post, he later dismissed rumors of Ranallo wanting to totally cutting ties with the sports entertainment brand after a series of absences which fans led to believe was caused by backstage bullying.

The boxing and MMA announcer was absent from the SmackDown Live team for weeks earlier this year, which led to rumors speculating it may be due to John Bradshaw Layfiend, Ranallo’s co-presenter, making brash comments about his Announcer of the Year award by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on the WWE Network’s Bring It to the Table, a show that addresses topics and concerns about the WWE outside kayfabe.

Ranallo is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a mental disorder that triggers periods of depression and elevated moods.

On top of his return to the WWE, Mauro Ranallo also performs play-by-play commentary for MMA promotion Bellator, and will be the voice for the upcoming bout between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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