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Five WRESTLEMANIA 34 Entrances Every Geek Should See

For 34 years, WrestleMania has been the WWE’s biggest event. In line with the festivities, Superstars oftentimes kick it up a notch by whipping out unique entrances and in-ring gear. This year is no exception. Here are five Superstars who unleashed their inner geek as they made their way down the aisle during the Show of Shows.

WARNING: Spoilers up ahead.

Cedric Alexander


Queen City’s Favorite Son made his WrestleMania debut sporting gear inspired by Black Panther. And much like how the film made a huge impact on the big screen, Alexander was in a whole different gear on this night. It was as if he ingested the Heart-Shaped Herb heading into the match, thus giving him the strength of the Black Panther against Mustafa Ali and securing the Cruiserweight Championship when it was all said and done. His win would also be noteworthy as it would be the first time a black WWE Superstar won a title at WrestleMania.



Mustafa Ali


If you’re looking for one of the most ambitious crossovers in history, then look no further than Mustafa Ali. Looking like a hybrid of Iron Man and a Mortal Kombat ninja (Smoke in particular), Ali’s attire answers the question “What if Stark Industries provided the technology for the Lin Kuei’s cyborg ninjas?” However, as explained during the match, the attire holds a deeper meaning as it is meant to symbolize how Ali wants to be a “shining light to the world”. Though he came up short in securing his first WrestleMania victory, there’s no denying that his light will still shine brighter than ever down the line.



Seth Rollins


At first glance, it would seem ironic that the fiery Rollins would go for an attire reminiscent of the Night King from Game of Thrones. But there is at least one thing these two have in common–both men have slayed kings. The Night King slayed then-future King of the North Jon Snow, while the Architect defeated Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania. This time around, he made New Orleans his own Winterfell and defeated both The Miz and Finn Balor to earn his first Intercontinental Championship win.



The New Day


The New Day integrate their fandom into their gear and promos all year round, but WrestleMania is where they would usually go all out. While The New Day didn’t go crazy by marching out of a giant box of Booty-O’s while rocking their Super Saiyan-esque get-up or strolling down the ramp in Final Fantasy XIV-inspired gear, Xavier Woods (with a little help from Francesca II Turbo) played an all-too-familiar tune for Power Rangers fans to summon an army of “short stacks” (little people dressed in pancake costumes). It wouldn’t be the first time Woods gave a nod to the franchise, as he was once billed from Angel Grove, California and trained by one Zack Taylor, Black Ranger and hip hop kido extraordinaire.



The Miz


Though the Awesome One describes his attire as “Balmain-inspired with a Karate Kid headband”, there’s no denying that it gives off Naruto vibes. Just take a look at the metal plate at the center of the headband. Instead of the symbol representing a hidden village, Miz’s was adorned by his trademark logo. Take also into consideration roughly similar backstories and personalities, and you have yourself an incidental Hollywood Hokage.


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