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Save the Girl, Save the World: The (Mis)Adventures of Luis and Joana!

We’re always on the lookout for new and upcoming games and this game certainly caught our attention.

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Save the World: The (Mis)Adventures of Luis and Joana is a procedural-generated, rogue-like dungeon crawler that features a very relatable, geeky, love story in a present-day, fantasy setting. The game incorporates a lot of popular rogue-like and dungeon-crawling mechanics, like loot collection, increased difficulty, and droves of unlockable characters and items.

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In short: It’s Binding of Isaac meets a Filipino Scott Pilgrim. It is the story of a boy, Luis, who is thrust into a quest to save the girl of his dreams, Joana, who in turn also has hidden feelings for our unwitting hero.

Build_v2.6 Inventory Screen Drana

The quest begins when Luis’ school, The University of Athena, is invaded by their rivals from St. Elsalla, led by the loathesoome and self-professed King of their Drama Club, Reginald Aristotle Von Ayala-Sy III.

Build_v2.6 - Joana vs Tamad

Through some evil and mysterious force, all the people in school turin into hellish creatures, save for Luis himself and Joana, who is captured and kidnapped by Reginald, hidden away at his secret lair beneath the abandoned theater of his Alma Mater.

Build_v2.6 Big Boy (BOSS)
Luis has no choice then but to brave all of these newly birthed evils, travel through a transformed and corrupt landscape, rescue his beloved, find a way to reverse all this evil… and SAVE THE WORLD!

Build_v2.6 Luis vs Mutants

We were able to get ourselves an early copy of the game and we’ll share with you our first impressions within the coming days. In addition, Save the World: The (Mis)Adventures of Luis and Joana recently got on Steam Greenlight. To support the game, you may vote by going to the Steam website. Help make this wonderful game be a reality!

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