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GARRISON ARCHANGEL: Continues The Tradition Of Mech Fighting Games


Do you still remember during the heyday of arcades and the PSOne when mech games were the in-thing? You pilot different machines and duke it out with your friends for mech supremacy? I believed that mech fighting is a genre that would never fade away when it comes to video games. There’s something special with mechs that we couldn’t get enough of!

Fast forward to today and we are at the verge of witnessing another mech fighting game from being born. Enter Garrison: Archangel, a fast-paced, customizable, mecha fighting game designed for one-on-one and multiplayer team battles. The game features a multitude of weapons, attachments and mecha frame parts that the player can use to create their own mechs with.

With your own mecha, have extremely intense mecha fights with your friends on various maps and game modes. Master your mecha’s strengths with Garrison: Archangel’s technical yet flexible combat.




Garrison: Archangel was born from a card game with the same name designed by James Ronald Lo. The card game, which features PVP combat between customizable mecha, is currently in production and is scheduled to launch along with the video game.

The game’s theme is inspired by Japanese mecha anime such as the Gundam series and Evangelion. On the other hand, the game’s combat takes queues from FROM Software’s Souls-borne series. Lastly, the art style is to pay homage to another mecha fighting game called VirtualOn.

The marriage of these ideas sparked a drive in the developers to create an awesome mecha fighting game with a huge focus on customization. The freedom of creating a mech the way that the player wants is the goal and the planned technical combat allowed for multitude of viable combinations. Each part has been passionately created by the development team with utmost care.

Archangels, the name for the mecha in the game, are able to wield a huge arsenal of weapons, each having unique mechanics and gameplay. These weapons range from melee arms such as beam sabers and drill hammers to ranged hand-carried weapons such as SMGs and shotguns. Some of the melee weapons created for the game have the ability to transform into different modes, increasing their versatility and effectiveness in combat. This feature is inspired by Bloodborne and its play on the various weapon modes. Each one of these weapons are carefully hand-crafted to allow players to fully customize their play style down to the last detail. Once unlocked, the players will have the ability to use these weapons as much as they desire.


Combat does not end with optimized combinations of mecha parts and attachments, however. Archangel battles are carried out on a variety of battlefields, some of which may even contain nasty traps and surprises while others are set on treacherous terrain where one wrong step could lead to defeat. Knowledge of these battlefields is essential to winning and learning to adapt playstyle to match these battlegrounds is tantamount to success. The players have the freedom to mix-and-match battlefields and different game modes to their tastes.

Experience all the features of the game with your friends with couch play that handles up to four players. An online-enabled version where players will be able to play with their friends online is already in development.

The developers plan for this to be an expansive project with continuous updates. These updates will include new mecha parts, armaments, attachments, maps and game modes. It will also have a heavily community-driven development cycle so that the players get what they want in terms of content. The development team is opening up multiple avenues for contact and will continue to stay active on social media and the Discord channel, ever-vigilant when listening to the game’s players.



- Design a custom Archangel down to the very details
– Battle friends and foes in various maps and arenas
– Enjoy a wide range o game modes
– Couch gaming up to four players
– Take the fight in the internet with upcoming online support


- Create the mech of your dreams from a range of carefully designed components and weapons that affect your fight style
– Archangels can wield a huge arsenal of weapons each having unique mechanics and gameplay
– Each handcrafted weapon alows players to play the way they want to whether it’s beating down opponents with the Dominus Sword or blasting rockets. Or both.

The game is currenly in Steam Greenlight and needs our support for this game to be a reality! Click here to support Garrison: Archangel.

About Indigo Entertainment

Indigo Entertainment is a global, creative studio that provides online and mobile game development services to client around the world. In 2016, Indigo Entertainment ventured into independent game development with their first original IP Agent Aliens released in both Google Play and Apple Store. Heavily inspired by Mech culture and fighting game community in the Philippines, Garrison: Archangel is their first title to be released on the PC Platform.

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