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A Merry Experience with Arigatoys at the Toy Fair

Christmas shopping at the recent 8th Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair was really awesome. There are a lot of activities and gimmicks made the event special, but when it comes to toys and collectibles, what Arigatoys did really stood out. Being the local distributor of popular toy brands – Kotobukiya, Revoltech and Neca, they did a great job in bringing those brands in the event. Through an an awesome display of products and a very awesome mystery bag promo that made con-goers go wild.


The Arigatoys booth was really wonderful and no doubt has the best display in the event. A lot of figures from Revoltech as well as NECA were found in their booth. Figures based on popular characters from Evangelion, Metal Gear Solid series, Alien, Pacific Rim, DC Comics, Marvel Comics and various anime were there. Statues from Kotobukiya were really a sight to see too.

The main highlight of the booth was the Revoltech mystery loot bag promo. A lot of people lined up, some as early as 9am especially when the Gurren Lagann set was out. Personally, Arigatoys really did a great job in making people happy during the fair. The lootbag containing a random revoltech was really cheap, and it included bonus items inside the loot bag.

On the other hand, here are the lucky winners of Revoltech lootbaags, which was part of the ongoing GREAT GEEK GIVEAWAY SAGA (join now!). Congratulations to Ken Acosta and Benedict Bartolome!! Hope you guys loved your prizes!

Ken Acosta giving a big thumbs up!

Benedict Bartolome went to the booth all the way from Middle-Earth!

If you missed their promo last weekend, you can still wait for another one and follow their recent activities via their Facebook page at Arigatoys and Revoltech Philippines. You can also check their page so that you may know which retailers in the Philippines the brands that they carry like Revoltech, Kotobukiya and Neca.

The boys of Arigatoys!

Check out the whole image gallery below as we feature more pics from the Arigatoys booth. Enjoy! (Click images for larger view)

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