Posted September 28, 2012 by Mikael Angelo Francisco in Collectibles

Check Out GREATTOYSONLINE.COM’s Biggest Branch At Annapolis Greenhills!

First established in 2001, GreatToysOnline.com has been practically the country’s biggest independent toys and collectibles chain, as well as the biggest importer of Japanese collectibles. My friends, who are big mecha and Sentai/Kamen Rider fans, usually hang out at the GT Greenhills branch on weekends, and while the supply of items there is definitely more than adequate, we usually talk about how it would be great if there were more space to move around inside the store. There’s a tall line of shelves in the middle of the store, leaving two lanes for people to pass through…and keeping both lanes two-way becomes quite a challenge when the place starts getting packed with people (which, not surprisingly, happens a LOT – ahh, the advantages and disadvantages of having plenty of satisfied and loyal customers).

I first heard about the new store from the owner himself, Mr Malvin Lim. My friends and I passed by the GT Greenhills branch a few months ago, and we decided to take a look at some of the stuff they were selling. So there we were, talking and laughing among ourselves. All of a sudden, as if we were in a campy soap commercial, he kind of magically appeared right behind us, taking us completely by surprise and causing me to drop (on the counter and not on the floor, thankfully) the S.H.Figuarts GokaiSilver I was currently checking out.

Mag-o-open kami ng bagong branch! D’yan lang sa Annapolis, short walk lang mula dito.” he said, with his million-pesos-worth-of-sentai-robots smile.

Clutching my heart and with one eye twitching, I turned around and did my best to smile, trying to hide my shock. “Talaga po sir? Gaano kalaki yung bagong branch?”

Mga anim na ganito*,” he replied.

“Talaga? Anim na ganito? Hehehehehe…”

Boy, he wasn’t kidding.

The aforementioned new branch, the 250-sq m GreatToysOnline.com Annapolis Greenhills branch, was formally opened last September 20, 2012. Sir Malvin invited quite a few members of the blogging and toy collecting communities to check out the new store.

There were a lot of awesome things on display, most of which I’d never even seen before.

The most attention-grabbing items of the evening, though, were definitely these – animation cells from Voltes V and Daimos, older than you (maybe) or me (definitely)!

What does GreatToysOnline.com have to offer for collectors of all kinds (Marvel, DC, TF, Gundam, Evangelion, etc.)? A lot – to see is to believe, trust me. (Or you can take a look at our album and see for yourself!)

So..what are you waiting for? Visit the newest GreatToys branch now!


*Pertaining to the size of the Greenhills branch.

Be sure to scratch that collecting itch and visit www.greattoysonline.com! You can also drop by one of their many branches (please see GTO’s official Facebook page for a list of branches, including directions).

Mikael Angelo Francisco