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Character Details for Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger

Super Sentai fans should get ready for another super sentai show set for release on April, 2012 – the Hikonin Sentai Akibarangers.

Judging from what Jefusion seems to be writing, it seems like this won’t be your usual sentai show as there will be lots of suggestive themes found in this new series.

This would mean that this series will definitely mix some racy elements together with the standard formula for sentai shows like transformations, monsters for the week and much, much more.

And while were on the subject of the Akibarangers, might as well go into the character details for each member of this team:

AkibaRed – Nobuo Akagi

- a big fan of Super Sentai

- even bigger fan of anime series Z-Cune Aoi”

- Works as a delivery boy in Japan’s Akibahara district.

AkibaBlue – Mizuki Aoyagi(Kyoko Hinami)

She was invited to become an Akibaranger because she wanted to become stronger. At first, she barely had any interest in being an Akibaranger, then she transformed for the first time and immediately beat everyone into a pulp. She’s actually famous in the martial arts world, which is one of the reasons why she was invited. She’s a very serious person, but for some reason there’s a bear on her Akiba Blue panties. The truth is, she’s actually a big fan of Aoi.

Reason to watch meter: 5/5 (If you’re not aware about the trends, most of the girls that appear in Sentai shows graduate to do sexy/gravure/risque magazine appearances like AkibaBlue/ Kyoko Hinami who did a spread [so to speak])

AkibaYellow – Yumeria Moegi

She absolutely loves cosplaying. She might look like she’s around 10, but in reality, she’s already in her twenties. It might be unbelievable, but during the day, she’s just an ordinary office lady, where she even draws her own doujins and tries to sell them at Comiket. She does have deep knowledge in Super Sentai, but nowhere as deep as Akagi. The reason she became Akiba Yellow, is because of her tits.

Reason to watch meter: 3/5

 Hiroya Hakase

She is the owner of Sentai Café in Akihabara. She serves as the commander of the Hikonin Sentai Akibarangers. She was also the one who choses who will become one of the team, and told them to fight evil.

And since it’s a sentai show, it wouldn’t be complete without the appearance of the main baddie. Fortunately for fanboys and fangirls, the main baddie doesn’t look so shabby. In fact, she looks a bit hot with her whole dominatrix peg.


Marushina is the head of redevelopment of Team Evil Stemer Corporation. She’s planning on taking over Akihabara. As a Super Sentai fan, Akagi thinks she’s an ideal enemy. And yes, she will be played by AV actress Honoka…

You might want to check out the team’s cutesy ride…

Expect to see Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger on April 9th.


Earl Maghirang