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LEAKED Avengers Infinity Wars Funko Pops sheds more clues!


The highly anticipated movie Avengers: Infinity War has always been teasing fans, but there are still much questions! Thanks to leaked Infinity War Funko Pop photos, we unravel more clues!

Like every Marvel film, Infinity War will have its own version of Funko Pops, and it looks like someone has gotten a hold of a Thor Pop. They also took a picture of the back part of the box, which showcases the other Pops in the line. It also includes the Tom Holland’s Spiderman – well, say hello to Iron Spider.


Apparently, his nifty new Spidey suit is actually from the Iron Spider Suit – a detail that the studio hasn’t confirmed. This a redesign from the original suit that was red and gold, with gold lenses as well as gold Spider-Arms that could extend from the pack on his back.

When Marvel’s god of thunder returns in Avengers: Infinity War, he’ll be brandishing a new weapon too. In Ragnarok Hela cuts him with her blades and seemingly destroys one of his eyes. He is shown with the eyepatch in the trailer for Infinity War, but he seems to have his eyes healed (with a scar) in this new Pop release.


Let’s also check out more leaked photos of the Hulkbuster, Iron Man and Thanos.

Iron-Man-Funko-Pop-Flipgeeks-Infinity-War Avengers-Infinity-War-Hulkbuster-Funko-Pop Thanos-Infinity-War-Avengers-Funko-Pop-Flipgeeks

These new Funko Pops: Thanos and his Black Order members Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Promixa Midnight, we see Iron Man in his new armor, Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit, and Adolescent Groot wielding an assault rifle. Let’s feast our eyes on these while we patiently wait for Avengers Infinity Wars to be released this year!

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