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The Man behind the Gauntlet: Josh Brolin’s Journey to the MCU

Despite the title of the biggest film (Avengers: Infinity War) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Mad Titan took all of us to a path wherein destiny has arrived with just a single “snap”.

In an interview with Josh Brolin, he explained how Thanos became the greatest adversary our superheroes has yet to face, his favorite MCU films and being part of the Marvel family.

Collaboration and Complexity

A lot of leeway has been given to Brolin to play the character and give life to Thanos onscreen.

“I thought that given that this is a Marvel movie, given that this is storyboarded in such a major way and so intricately and so specifically, that I just thought it would be the way it was,” says Brolin. “It wasn’t like that at all. They would come in, and they’d say, ‘This is the general sketch of it. What would you like to do?’”

One of the biggest things he wanted to be interpreted is Thanos’ complexities. “I think that there was a natural vulnerability that I felt that the Russos also saw and then we started to take advantage of this dichotomous nature of what a bad guy is. So I think we found some colors, not just because of me. The Russos are great at it,” says Brolin.
"Avengers: Infinity War" Global Press Conference

Marvel Favorites

Brolin is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) like most of his co-stars, he share his most favorite films in the 10-year franchise.

Iron Man is one of my favorites,” shares Brolin. “With Robert [Downey Jr.] playing Tony Stark, there’s no better marriage of character and actor. He just gets it, and it all spring boards from that. So that was always a favorite of mine from being a great appreciator and cheerleader of Robert.”

Another favorite of Brolin’s is the more recent Captain America: Civil War. “There’s a lot of friction, and yet there are all these relationships that you have the history of. I was always trying to guess what he was going to do,” he says.

Brolin also enjoyed last year’s Thor: Ragnarok. “I think Chris Hemsworth is great and, obviously, Mark Ruffalo,” he shares. “That was a good movie and really fun. It was a great hybrid of humor and really fun acting. Cate Blanchett has always been like a favorite of mine. So she was great to watch. Everybody was great.”


Franchise Family

The joy of working with people he admires has been a highlight of Brolin’s MCU experience so far. “It’s going to sound so lame, but every time I come back here, it always feels like I’m coming home,” he says. “I’ve never felt a crew so married to each other. It’s truly familial here. It’s a family.”

Avengers: Infinity War is now playing in Philippine cinemas.

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