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SPOILER ALERT: Green Lantern #20 (Geoff Johns run – Finale) — Part 2

SPOILER ALERT talks about stories, plots, information and other details which we consider SPOILERS. If you are ready for any information or detail that we will be giving away, then scroll down courageous one!!


SPOILER ALERT: Green Lantern #20 (aka Geoff Johns Finale) — Part 2

Check out PART 1 if you missed it. Going back to the story, Volthoom foils the Black Lantern attack and destroys them. He focuses on Hal, creating a shell construct that encloses them and goes Mr. Consience again, looking at all the ‘stages’ that Hal had over the years (from Parallax to White Lantern). And just like what Volthoom did to Sinestro, instead he pulls out a kid version of Hal from Hal’s chest. What follows is some drama while Volthoom searches Hal’s being for a “singularity where he was overcame by fear”. He finds out about the plane crash of Hal’s dad, and draws in conclusion that Hal is a nexus for willpower too (may even be greater than the CPB), and that his ‘spark’ is an echo of the Light of Creation. Inside Hal was the power that Volthoom was looking for in order for him to remake the universe. Sinestro wents for the Yellow CPB, and calls forth Parallax and becomes Sinlax! He destroys the barrier and attacked Volthoom, pulled out his heart while the Guardians now feeling every emotion felt fear. Sinestro fails and Volthoom shows more power and tells him he is a GOD.

Meanwhile, Hal went back to the dead zone to have a little chat with his dad. Which ultimately leading him to summon Nekron using the black ring. As Nekron is about to attack Volthoom, Sinlax chains him. Hal goes for Volthoom’s chest and pulls out the emotional spectrum from within (and it was that easy) and made him human. Nekron gives the “FINISH HIM” move and destroys Volthoom. The First Ring is banished to another universe. Hal talks to Kid Hal as he vanishes, and a green lantern ring finds Hal and chooses him as a Green Lantern.

Hal is reunited with Carol. Johns declaring the GLC as victors of the battle. Atrocitus is demanding the heads of the guardians from Guy. All of a sudden, the Sinestro Corps busts out from the ground to mess up with the other corps. Hal realizes it’s only a distraction and that Sinestro (still with the power of Parallax) is going for the guardians. Hal finds Sinestro at the entrance of a room, and a fierce battle start between the two (this is definitely one of the best Hal vs Sin page I’ve ever seen).

Green Lantern 20 Hal Jordan versus Sinestro
The two argues as they battle it out, Sinestro asking Hal why he cares so much about the guardians while Hal responds that he only cares about saving him and that he refuses to give up on Sinestro. Sin decides to break it to Hal, confesses he already killed the Guardians including Ganthet. Sinestro also tells Hal that he has nothing else left to do, and leaves the GLC to Hal and the new blue boys from Maltus aka Templar Guardians. The few last panels especially Hal and Sinestro was truly epic as it highlights and tells something about the true relationship between the rivals. Sinestro leaves, Arkillo runs SCW, Red Lanterns went into deep space, Blue and Sapphires remained to rebuild Oa.

But that’s not how the issue truly ends! We are back again to the future, where the rookie has finished hearing the First Lantern saga. The rookie then asks the bookeeper about what happens next, the future of Hal and company. The bookeper obliges and shows the rookie.

If you guys are wondering about the future of Hal and the others, let us know in the comment section below. If we get a good amount of feedback, we’ll pull out those pages from the book of oa and show them to you next time. Hope you guys like this first edition of SPOILER ALERT! We didn’t post all of the pages, and we ENCOURAGE everyone to get the book – even though it’s priced at $7.99, it’s Johns finale and features the core GL creative team.

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