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REVIEW: Green Lantern # 57

Reviewing Green Lantern # 57 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.

As BRIGHTEST DAY continues and the mysterious entity-napper continues the kidnapping of the 7 corps entities. On Earth, Green Lantern Hal Jordan faces off against both Hector Hammond (possessed by Ophidian the Tempter) and Orange Lantern Larfleeze while Star Sapphire Carol Ferris is on a mission to locate and contain the Star Sapphire entity called Predator.


- Action scenes are sparse. Green Lantern versus Ophidian; Carol Ferris versus the first ever male Star Sapphire.

- Larfleeze in Las Vegas was a fun albeit short concept to explore.

- The flamingo from last issue finally gets returned to the Sheriff.

- Hal Jordan is actually jealous of the fact that Carol kissed a guy to subdue the Predator.

- Queen Carol Ferris anyone?

- The hint for the next issue is a sorely missed concept. Blue Lantern Hal Jordan.


- Did everybody forget the fact that Hal is dating Cowgirl? Why is he spending more time with TOWGA (the one that got away) rather than with his current gal?

- The Zamarons claim to use advanced technology but they can’t put two and two together. Since they already swiped the idea of turning the Star Sapphire into rings, why can’t they imagine the idea of powering their central battery with the universal love? Somebody should lend them a CD for Wet Wet Wet’s “Love is All Around” to get the picture.

- A happy ending for Larfleeze? Why give him a happy ending? Can’t they just leave his character as is? They already turned him into the GL book’s Goofy anyhow.

In general, Green Lantern # 57 was a good but SHORT read. It answered a lot of questions by midway but then left the readers with more questions on the way out. It had a good way of making the readers want more. I know I did. And I seem to can’t get enough of Carol Ferris’ uber sexy Star Sapphire uniform.

I give it an A- (minus because they forgot about Cowgirl)

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