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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Green Lantern #1

Earl’s Take

Green Lantern # 1 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke was one of the books I was rooting for ever since the announcement came that it would be Sinestro who would star in the book rather than central character Hal Jordan.

And when I did pick up the GL # 1 I was actually looking forward to see the effects of Hal’s dismissal at the hands of the guardians by the end of “War of the Green Lanterns” plus find out what would happen to Sinestro Corps big boss Sinestro after getting chosen by a Green Lantern ring.

Luckily enough the book was able to deliver two for two. We not only get to see what happens to Sinestro and how he reacts with his release from the Guardians’ citadel but also see for ourselves how stupid and how courageous Hal Jordan is even without the ring.

One good thing I liked about the first GL issue is the fact that there is a new mystery going on between the Guardians and their estranged brethren Ganthet. While the repercussions might be seen in the new couple of issues, I’m already curious about that.

I am also quite thankful that the book survives the transition to the DCnU barely intact unlike the other franchise books that totally got the boot (take Superman and Wonder Woman).

Some of the sad parts though are the dragging bits every so often in this issue but those are pardonable thanks to the gorgeous interior art by Doug Mahnke. We should also count ourselves lucky because we don’t get to meet any new major characters in the issue.

Overall, I’d say that Green Lantern # 1 was one of the better books that came out this week from DC Comics.

Verdict: Outstanding

Norby’s take:

Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, Sinestro, the Green Lantern Corps and the whole Green Lantern franchise are all a mystery to me. All I know, since I was a kid was there’s this green guy holding a lantern and wearing a ring that can fly and make huge hand slaps to his enemies. Well, maybe it’s because I don’t watch too much Super Friends back then.

I’ve been hearing great raves from my friends about this book. They told me that there’s this writer, Geoff Johns and he’s been hitting homeruns ever since he stepped in for this character. Since DC Comics is hosting Green Lantern in their ‘The New 52′ campaign, I told myself, “Why not?”

Because, I watched the Green Lantern movie and my friends’comments and spoilers that I got, I’ve come to be oriented with some characters of the book.

Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke are the creative team of this book and I must say, it’s an OK book for me to get the second issue.

[GEEK FACT: Doug Mahnke is the co-creator with Hellboy writer – John Arcudiof Dark Horse Comic, The Mask.]

The story introduces Sinestro being a Green Lantern made by the guardians, which seems to have a good and deep storytelling on that. It introduces Hal Jordan- money-less, car-less, job-less, (but with an apartment with 2 months of rent to pay) and Green Lantern-less of a man that has provided some total comic relief, especially with his relaltionship with Carol Ferris. At the end of the issue. the cliffhanger didn’t ‘wow’ me. But, it was okay for me to put my right foot slightly inside the book.

Mahnke’s artwork is good. My first time to see his Green Lantern art, but, I must confess that his work is much better than most DC-52 titles that I’ve ever seen. There are some panels that hinted me some Leinil Yu kind of style. There was some panels that I believed needed more detail and to some – not that much. He did an up to par with this issue.

There’s nothing much happening here in this issue. It just introduced mainly about two characters that Geoff Johns wants every reader to focus on.

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