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SPOILER ALERT: Green Lantern #20 (Geoff Johns run – Finale)

SPOILER ALERT talks about stories, plots, information and other details which we consider SPOILERS. If you are ready for any information or detail that we will be giving away, then scroll down courageous one!!


SPOILER ALERT: Green Lantern #20 (aka Geoff Johns Finale)

From Rebirth, to Sinestro Corps War and through The Blackest Night — Geoff Johns, now CCO of DC Comics, has been the writer for Green Lantern since he rejuvenated it’s franchise with Green Lantern: Rebirth in 2004.  After almost 9 years, he’s leaving (see announcement here) the GL book with the conclusion of his last arc “Wrath of the First Lantern” in Green Lantern #20.

Before we start, forgive me if I’ll be ranting a lot even though I’m a huge Green Lantern Fan.The issue starts off with a scene in the future in which the GLC exists and a young rookie after getting his badge approaches the bookeper, Tori, to hear a “story” — ( Images are sorted Left to right, click for larger view)

Green lantern wrath of the first lantern 1

While Toris was telling the story, the book shifts to the present in which Hal Jordan is still stuck in the dead zone but now dead and a black lantern. While Sinestro who was able to get out, seeing the destruction of Korugar chose to become a yellow lantern once again. Next scene we’re in Maltus, where it is stated that Volthoom aka the First Lantern, has taken the great heart <3 awwww…

Then we go straight to Oa where we see Volthoom with the Guardians reminiscing the past. Lectures them about emotion, the first lantern and the first ring which he pulled out of Ganthet’s insides … wut!?!?!? He wears it and before he tries to use it to harness the power from the Green CPB (Central Power Battery), he’s blocked off by Guy, John, the rest of the GLC and Fatality! Volthoom gives the GLC a world of hurt, kills of GLs. Atrocitus and the rest of the Red Lanterns join the battle, Atrocitus attacked and thought he killed Volthoom. Volthoom sprays Atrocitus with energy, miraculously not killing him (so much for being a powerful lantern). But then, Kyle Rayner and the rest of the new guardians appear out of nowhere together with the Blue Lanterns, Star Sapphires and MOGO!! On a side note, G’Nort returns, nothing special happens. All of a sudden Guy has this bright idea, for them to fire a lot of juice from their rings towards Mogo, who will then channel it to an energy targeting Volthoom. It failed to destroy Volthoom!! He tells everyone that they can’t stop him, that it was inevitable! But, here comes another lanter to the rescue – it’s Sinestro!!! Going for the kill, he was stopped Volthoom who drew out a mini image of Korugar and went Mr. Conscience on Sinestro. Here’s where it gets better… more lanterns appear!!! 

This time it’s Indigo and her tribe, bringing with them Hal Jordan (aww yeahhh)!! Indigo helped Hal get out of the dead zone when Hal was able to contact Indigo via the black ring. Hal Jordan attacks Volthoom together with Black Lanterns!!

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