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Reviewing Aquaman # 9 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

Geoff Johns and his uber-excellent creative team returns this month to the world of Aquaman as the water logged leaguers continues his mission to stop Black Manta from getting the other Atlantean artifacts held by his group dubbed as “The Other League”.

What I loved about this issue was how weird Prisoner-of-War’s power set is and how he literally is a “one man army”. We see him as a guy thats living a life not totally his own and in a span of a few panels, we see him going against Black Manta.

Speaking of Black Manta, the Aquaman baddie sure looks more vicious than ever. Not only has he shown that he is a capable warrior and can take any punishment we also see that he is really cunning and very manipulative. So good job DC Comics in retaining the good ole’ Black Manta we knew and hated.

Two other subplots explored in Aquaman # 9 was the relationship between Aquaman and his former teammate Ya’Wara (the woman with the panther) had in the past. I kinda like how this was mentioned and poses as a potential love story for Aquaman (although I doubt that especially since Aquaman is too involved with Mera). 

Mera also has her hanads full as she begins to investigate Arthur’s past and how he came to be the man that he is now.

Overall, I enjoyed this month’s Aquaman. It’s got a good amount of action and adventure and still has a smart character driven storyline that acts as the cherry for the already delectable ice cream.  It also means to show us a different side of Aquaman that we haven’t seen in the past.

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Earl Maghirang