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DC Relaunching Justice League with Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung & Jorge Jimenez

DC Comics is officially relaunching Justice League to a biweekly series with the creative team Scott Snyder (Dark Nights: Metal), Jim Cheung (Young Avengers) and Jorge Jimenez (Superman, Super Sons).

The new series will debut in June, following the events of DC Nation #0 and Justice League: No Justice in May.

“I am extremely honored, and happy, to be able to launch Justice League with Scott and Jorge,” said Cheung in a press release. “It has been many years since I’ve had the pleasure of working at DC, but when Scott first mentioned this opportunity, I knew I couldn’t say no. His energy and excitement has been infectious, and I can’t wait to share what we have in store! I can’t think of a more perfect book to return to DC on! These characters are ones that I grew up loving, and the prospect of being able to leave my mark on them, leaves me thrilled.”


Justice League #1 cover by Jim Cheung.

The new lineup closely resembles the DC Animated Series Justice League Unlimited members – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart, Hawkgirl and Aquaman – with the addition of Cyborg from the New 52 lineup.

“Working on Justice League is probably the most exciting opportunity I’ve ever had in my career,” said Jiménez. “I feel more than ever that this is my moment! I have in my hands a script written by the incredible Scott Snyder starring most important DC characters–Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman! Even better, I have the hyper-mega-talented Jim Cheung beside me! I can’t ask for more!”


Justice League #1 cover by Jorge Jimenez.

Justice League #1 will be on sale June 6.

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