Posted August 1, 2017 by Drew Bagay in Comics

Bryan Hitch Leaving JUSTICE LEAGUE After Issue #31

Bryan Hitch has confirmed he is leaving DC’s Justice League after issue #31. The “Legacy” arc will be his last story for the title, before focusing on his art duties for the Dark Nights: Metal tie-in one-shot Hawkman Found with Jeff Lemire.


Justice League #26

“So, tweaks and edits aside. JUSTICE LEAGUE is done. Thanks for all the support; as always we can’t do it without you,” Hitch said in a series of tweets. “My last JL story LEGACY starts soon and runs 26-31. Proud of that and the art by Fernando Pasarin is just bloody wonderful. He’s a genius.”

Hitch started working on DC’s iconic superhero team with Justice League of America in 2015, and subsequently moved on to Justice League for “Rebirth.”

As for his future projects, Hitch tweeted, “I’m prepping and working on stuff for after that which is astonishing and exciting. Such a big canvas and broad scope. Hurrah.”

Justice League #26, the start of Hitch’s “Legacy” arc, hits shelves this week.

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