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Look Great In this Iconic Batman x Guess Collab!

GUESS and DC Comics have partnered together, forming a new dynamic duo, to release a special GUESS and Batman collaboration featuring the iconic Batman logo together with the trendiest apparel from GUESS.

Since Batman’s release in 1939, the Caped Crusader has thrilled fans with his adventures where he shows that he is the true pinnacle of human achievement. Every issue contains drama, mystery and action and that has propelled Batman to move to other mediums and become a beloved pop-culture icon.

Over the years, the Dark Knight has appeared in every product imaginable from action figures to bottles to clothing. This set its path to an eventual crossing over with GUESS and the GUESS ORIGINALS line.

GUESS ORIGINALS Batman Spotlight Tee 

Guess-Batman-3The GUESS ORIGINALS x Batman spotlight tee literally and figuratively shine the spotlight on the Batman and his crime-fighting partner Robin the Boy Wonder. This shirt is perfect for Bat-Fans looking for a shirt design that prominently features Batman. The shirt is available in different sizes and comes in the color grey. As an added bonus Robin’s image is also in the shirt giving you a two in one deal for your superhero appearances in a shirt.

GUESS ORIGINALS Batman Collage Tee 

Batman’s adventures have been running for decades already. The character recently celebrated his 80th anniversary. That’s why this GUESS ORIGINALS x Batman collage tee is the perfect match to reflect one of the DC Comics’ popular characters life and times. Just like the collage tee, Batman’s is a collage of trials and tribulations and it’s something to celebrate.

GUESS ORIGINALS Batman Mystery Crewneck 

Playing into the character’s penchant for solving mysteries, this trendy “Mystery Crewneck” shirt features a big question mark that resembles The Riddler. But more than that, the shirt gives Bat-fans a chance to stand out from other fans while looking incredible and trendy. The vibrant colors are far from the darker tones that the “Dark Knight” often wears but it is something that you can wear out to grab dinner or lounge around in a coffee shop.



GUESS ORIGINALS x Batman Trucker Hat is one of the best caps that you can wear to show how much a Batman superfan you are. Made of quality materials, this is a great outdoor activity whether it’s a quick visit to the park, to an afternoon in the mall or even when you plan on hitting the gym. This GUESS trucker cap also features the brand logo on the side as well as the iconic Batman logo in the middle of the cap in its yellow and black iteration.



Check out the rest of GUESS’ collection at GUESS.com.ph .


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