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Photo: Yuri Mangahas | Makeup: Mayzelle Cinco-Ang | Hair: Matthew Aguanta | Design: Mikhaila Santos | Styling: Nadia Macaya

Photo: Yuri Mangahas 

If someone were to define Jasmine Maierhofer in one word, it might take a couple of minutes before coming up with a good adjective. Words such as beautiful and sophisticated are some of the common ones we hear about her, but those terms aren’t enough to aptly describe this lady.

Born of Filipino and Austrian descent, Jasmine definitely have the traits requisite to cement herself as one of RP’s top models to date. Her tall and slender figure, her looks, as well as an uncanny capacity to switch between different personalities in one snap have given her a bright spot in the industry, and in turn, made her a staple face in numerous ads, editorials, as well as fashion campaigns. 10460728_10153367442024897_7094117635353030246_n

Truly, there’s no stopping her in traversing a road towards modeling nirvana.

Humble Beginnings

Prior to her modeling career, Jasmine was just a simple lass living at the paradise-like outskirts of Puerto Gallera. The idea of being a model was a far cry from her thoughts back then. Who would’ve thought that a simple Chinese Garter game would change everything?

“Somebody approached me in Puerto while me and my friends were playing a Chinese Garter game when I was still young. They introduced modeling to me on the spot,” said Jasmine. Unlike others who have come before her, she started modeling at the age of 14 albeit in a part-time basis. She first appeared on ads and ramp events, before slowly transitioning to a fashion-inclined route. However, studying and working at the same time immediately presented challenges, which she was able to fortunately overcome.

“It’s very difficult to balance modeling and studies because there are times where you have to say no to a project because of school. That is why I chose to finish college before going full-time so it won’t be hard for me to say no to any project.” It was her passion and desire to succeed in the craft that pushed her to make both ends meet.

Some of her early editorials.

Two of her early editorials.

Living a model’s life

Since taking the model’s path, Jasmine’s life had shifted to a higher gear. Her routine does not consist of playing Chinese Garter anymore, but that of a different ballgame. For the next couple of years, she lived under the bright spark of strobes and flashes, and became the face of countless editorials and campaigns.

One might ask: What are the cool things about having a modeling career?

“I get to wear luxury clothes, as well as outfits made by top designers for work. Not to mention, travelling.” Jasmine is no stranger to traveling, and has since become a part of her lifestyle. For a short time, she worked under Hong Kong’s Agency 1 modeling group as one of their ramp models, and did a number of features for Asian Dragon, which saw her doing shoots at various places outside the country.

Her cover outings for Sugar Sugar, Rogue, and Wedding Essentials.

Her cover outings for Sugar Sugar, Rogue, and Wedding Essentials.

Another notable asset of hers – which most shooters quickly noticed – is her ability to pose and switch to different personalities when in front of the lens. Giving her one instruction will make her produce ten variants of it – in rapid fire motion.

“Long time ago, I saw an international model in a shoot and I observed the way she posed for the camera. I was inspired by her posing ability and I got challenged instantly. It’s more fun to do poses than just stand and do one angle for the entire shoot.”, said Jasmine. She also shared that it was professional model/stylist and friend Ria Bolivar who influenced her greatly in terms of her work etiquette and career.

Away from Cinderella’s shoes

Apparently, Jasmine has done every known concept akin to that of fashion – except for one: Cosplay. When quizzed about it, she mused that she’ll be more than happy to do one. We then asked about the choice of character she’d like to portray, and she gave us a resounding answer:

Cinderella. Back then, I was a big follower of all fairy tale shows and cartoons, which is why I’d like to portray her.” 

It is also common knowledge that her older brother Rico is a cager from the PBA. She might not have invested in a sporting career, but she mentioned that she did become a practitioner of volleyball during her youngster days. She only stopped when her calling as a model descended right in front of her.

What’s next for Jasmine Maierhofer?

“I’m planning to conquer modeling outside the country. After all, that’s the utmost dream of every model.”, said Jasmine. There’s no stopping a bright star like hers, it would seem. With the success and exposure she’s getting at the moment, it will be no surprise if we’ll see her strutting stuff at New York one of these days.

Does someone like Jasmine have a secret formula for hitting the road to success? Turns out, none. As her usual #Godspeed hashtag often implies, prayer and hardwork are important ingredients in reaching your dreams.

“Have a good atitude, confidence, self esteem, and prayer to God. It works.”


Photo: Yuri Mangahas

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