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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman ’66 #1

What can I say about the classic Batman TV series starring by the infamous Adam West? Every after school I would watch reruns of those plus Captain Planet, Dinosaucers, I Love Lucy (Yeah, that too) and Macguyver. This crime-fighter show totally stands out from a superhero with green hair, dinosaurs from space, a nagging red head wife and and an improv master. Who doesn’t want to have an Alfred as your confidant? Who doesn’t want to have a bad-ass Batmobile, a tongue twister Robin, a long conversation of two partners while walk-climbing at the side of buildings or a dancing Batman? I haven’t mentioned other cool moments that features in this TV series. This is how I got interested in the Batman. This was the time where I stopped playing Rambo, lay my plastic machine gun down, and started imagining to be a crime-fighter having long fun conversations while walking up at the of the building with my whimsical sidekick.

I admit, I was totally surprised when I first watched the Burton movie. The first thought that got stuck in my head when I walked out of the film: there is no scene of Batman dancing?!
Anyway, Batman ’66 is inspired from that TV show. I solemnly swear, I will try my best not to be biased. But, let me frankly inform you, you don’t need to read watch or have knowledge of the TV series. Better yet, after putting this put book down, it will make you wanna watch the show. The story is solid and very natural. Jeff Parker is the perfect writer for this title. It explains on some questions on how Bruce and Dick would change into their costumes. It had cool moments, like when Alfred slides down on the Bat-pole; when the caped crusaders meets Dracula; and when guys from Catwoman’s dance club asks Batman about his dance moves. All of these panels would be nothing without the art of Jonathan Case. It’s just colorful and dynamic. It fits right. At the first couple of pages it made me want try to read it on with a pair of 3D glasses. His lines and coloring makes worth your money to look at. The fight scenes and fight sounds fit like a glove.
Batman ’66 is now my number two of the Batman franchise (Batman being #1). This made me feel like a kid again. Go grab a copy now.
This comic book came from Comic Odyssey!

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