Posted June 2, 2016 by Drew Bagay in Comics

A Celebration of DARWYN COOKE’s Art

On May 14th, award-winning comic book writer and artist, Darwyn Cooke, passed away after a long hard bout with cancer. The news came so sudden, leaving the comic book community in shock and grief.

Cooke worked over a wide range of comics and characters throughout his career, from superheroes to crime comics, and every time he had truly captured the essence of the characters he’s illustrating. His popular works include a brief but character defining run on Catwoman in 2002, and 2004’s critically acclaimed original graphic novel DC: The New Frontier, which was later adapted into an animated film in 2008. His most recent work was The Twilight Children with Gilbert Hernandez at Vertigo.

As a celebration of his work, we’ve decided to remember Darwyn Cooke by sharing our favorites and also some of the best artwork in his illustrious career.

catwoman_01  catwoman02

JUSTICE_LEAGUE_37  DC_New_Frontier


THE_FLASH_37  Absolute_DC_New_Frontier_HC


Parker_DarwynCooke_02  Parker_DarwynCooke_01


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