Posted March 25, 2014 by Ryan Villanueva in Movies/TV


DC characters have been gaining popularity recently on television with the success of the current series, ARROW and increased interest on the FLASH television series, FOX and WBTV is producing the television based on Batman’s franchise, GOTHAM. GOTHAM is a television show that would star the young James Gordon.  GOTHAM would focus on the early days of Detective Gordon in the Gotham City Police Department. The show is reported to include Bruce Wayne as well as origin stories from some of Batman’s rogue gallery, like the Penguin (played by Robin Lord Taylor, you can read more about it here), Riddler, Catwoman even the Joker.

Batman’s ever loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth is set to appear on the show. Alfred would be played bySEAN PERTWEE. Alfred was the one who took care of the young Bruce Wayne after his parents’ untimely demise and has always been at Bruce’s side even until he took the mantle of the Batman.


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