Posted May 17, 2013 by Tony Tuason in Gaming

First Official Teaser Trailer for BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Revealed!

Batman Arkham Origins Trailer Teaser


The first teaser trailer for the new Batman videogame — Batman: Arkham Origins is now out!!! It shows  a short battle between Batman and Deathstroke! The game will feature the debut of Deathstroke and Alberto Falcone, and the return of characters like Penguin and Alfred Pennyworth. Let’s hope the game turns out to be great like its predecessors Arkham Asylum and Arkham City!

The Joker has not yet been confirmed to appear and Mark Hammil is said to be not involved with the game. Long time, fan favorite Kevin Conroy is not slated to voice Batman in the new game and will opt for another actor to voice a younger Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins is set to be released on October 2013, for Xbox, Playstation, Wii U and PC.


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