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This past weekend San Francisco was turned into Gotham City as Make A Wish Foundation grant a kid’s wish to be Batkid for a day. Make-A-Wish foundation is a non-profit organization that grant’s children wishes with life threatening conditions. Miles,a 5 yr old kid with leukemia, was given the chance to be Batkid for a whole day.


Miles as BatKid

BatKid helped stopped crimes in Gotham City (San Francisco) that day. He went on first to help a lady strapped to a bomb by the Riddler. BatKid arrived at the crime scene in his Lamborghini Batmobile. After apprehending the Riddler a few moments later he helped rescue San Francisco Giants mascot, Lou Seal from the hands of the Penguin.  Almost the whole of San Francisco followed the adventures of BatKid throughout the day. Different news/social/media organizations even chronicled Miles adventures helping provide the complete BatKid experience.

Bane Co-Creator Graham Nolan also drew Miles as the BatKid with Bane.


BatKid with Bane

Even US President Obama thanked BatKid for his service. BatKid’s story has really touched a lot of people and probably one of the most heartwarming stories I’ve known in awhile.  You can read the complete BatKid experience from these different sites, including US President Barack Obama’s message for BatKid.



US President Barack Obama’s message for BatKid:



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