Posted April 22, 2013 by Dirv De Venecia in Collectibles

Play Arts Kai Dark Knight Trilogy Bane Figure Review

What’s up everyone? My name is Dirv and I am the newest member of the Flipgeeks team — oh yeah!

I’ve been collecting action figures for over a year now and after watching numerous toy reviews, I thought of doing my own reviews of action figures.

To get things started — and to finally shed my FG “virginity” — here is my review of a figure that has been received well by most collectors.

I give to you the: Play Arts Kai Dark Knight Trilogy Bane Figure

Standing at over 9 1/2″ tall, the PAK TDKT Bane is one big yet very detailed figure. Mostly made-out of PVC — and a little bit of rubber — this Bane figure really captures Tom Hardy’s likeness during the infamous sewer fight scene during the Dark Knight Rises movie. To learn more about the figure, here’s my hands-on review of the Play Arts Kai Bane:


Piece of advice: Play Arts Kai has this bad habit of not pursuing excellence in terms of their quality control — yes, their QC sucks to be honest — and that issue has become a major argument whenever a new figure from the line gets previewed or released. Before I end this review, I wanna say thank you to Datablitz — especially their branch over at Glorietta — for the figure and the awesome customer service.

Enjoy your days guys and Peace!

Dirv De Venecia