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Explore Peter Parker’s Early Years With AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Learning To Crawl!

Coinciding with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, as well as Peter Parker’s return in the comic book medium, Marvel announces a new miniseries which will shed light to who Peter Parker was before becoming the great hero he is today.

Starting May, Marvel will let us dig deeper into the early crimefighting days of Peter Parker as Dan Slott and Ramon Perez releases The Amazing Spider-Man: Learning To Crawl.

Akin to Year One, this five-part miniseries will tackle the experiences a young Peter Parker had to deal with following being bitten by a radioactive spider and obtaining his above-human abilities. All the main covers for this storyline will be provided by artist extraordinaire Alex Ross.

One may ask: What makes this Year One tale different from the rest? “Someone’s running around trying to be just like Spider-Man and there’s no way in Peter’s mind that he’s not responsible for everything that guy’s going to do.He’s got his first villain who is his own age, someone that he’s inspired, Dan Slott shares with Associated Press.

Learning To Crawl begins in May 7 and ends September 15.

(Source: Comic Book Movie, Associated Press)

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