Posted October 10, 2014 by GP Manalo in Comics

Marvel Announces SECRET WARS in 2015!

Yes, you read that title right. Marvel Comics announced in this year’s New York Comic-Con that they are bringing back “Secret Wars” as their next major event for 2015, with Jonathan Hickman to write and Esad Ribic to do art of the said event. It was also announced that this will be a year long event and will follow after the currently running Avengers and New Avengers  with storyline “Time Runs Out”.

Below, an official teaser photo was released, done by none other than, Alex Ross and it does look like we’re gonna have a clash between Golden Age vs. Modern Age (wait, where’s the Fantastic Four?) in this event that features a variety of superheroes ranging from major team players that we know and love and even the obscure ones.


Ross concluded that with this picture, it does sum up what Hickman and Ribic are going for in this event, and that it is “the craziest thing he has dealt with” and in fact even more “massive” than we expect it to be.

Do you think we have Skrulls again? do they come from the twin world of Ex Nihilio? All these questions may be answered soon, perhaps when “Time Runs Out” concludes.

When “Time Runs Out” finish, Secret Wars will commence.

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