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New Play Arts Kai – MGS2 Raiden, Liquid Snake, TDKR Batman and FF Advent Children

Today let’s take a look at some awesome news on upcoming Play Arts Kai releases – from Metal Gear Solid, The Dark Knight to Final Fantasy! Last February, Hideo Kojima revealed two new additions to the Metal Gear Solid line of Play Arts Kai (PAK). This month we see photos of final sculpts and colors of Liquid Snake and Raiden (MGS 2 version).

Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai

We’re pretty happy with these two. Both have appropriate accessories, a launcher for Liquid and a mask for Raiden and other stuff like extra hands are included as well. Liquid looks perfect with that smirk on his face, although we’re not sure how great that “arms-fold” looks like in the released pictures. At last we get an original Raiden, from MGS2, him in his sneaking suit together with his katana – classic. There has been a lot of MGS Play Arts being produced, and we think that we could expect more from the past series like Ocelot, Otacon, MGS 2 Solid Snake and some future characters since MGS V: The Phantom Pain is yet to be released.

Another PAK set for release is an SDCC 2013 Exclusive Batman from the “The Dark Knight” trilogy. This version features a black metallic version, comes with interchangeable hands, some ewapons and a display stand. 1000 figures of the exclusive were made.

Last is from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children — Vincent Valentine. Fans of the FF series especially Advent Children would love this version of Vincent, since the old one looks, well old and lacks detail compared to the new Vincent. You can also see pictures of Rufus Shinra and Yuffie Kisaragi, who are both getting the PAK treatment as well.

Check out the gallery below for all images regarding the new Play Arts Kai figures (click for larger view):

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