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Play Arts Kai ROBOCOP Revealed!

Isn’t it great to start 2014 by cutting back on expenses and saving up money for better things than collectibles? Well on behalf of the Flipgeeks family, I would personally like to apologize in advance for making a huge hole in your wallet and ruining your budget for the first few months of the year haha!

I hereby present the newest member of Square Enix Play Arts Kai line of toys: ROBOCOP!

For those who are not yet aware, Robocop will have a full reboot that would come out this coming year as well. Knowing that the movie is still facing some criticism from the fan base, it is kind of surprising that Square Enix would release images of the figure as early as now. Whether or not the movie does well in the box-office, the kid in each one of us would definitely drool over having a cool action figure to hold on to right after the movie (is it just me?)

The image above shows the new color scheme for our crime fighting machine of the future. Fans of the original would definitely cringe on the thought that it looks like some leftover gear from “Pacific Rim”. To those who likes to stick to the 80’s color scheme, do not be afraid. Square Enix also has the “prototype” version set to be released as well (image shown below).

Pretty badass and better looking in my opinion. And that’s it, we were lucky to get a tease of the 2 upcoming figures for Robocop to be shown at your local cinemas 2014…..Oh there’s more?! There is one more surprise figure set to be released at the same time these two figures are to be released to the market! Robocop fans would surely drool on this more than the newer figures above! Are you ready? Are you sure? Scroll down further then!

YES! The grand daddy would also get his own Play Arts figure and it will be released along with the 2014 versions of him. Please watch out for our toy review once we get a hold of these bad boys next year :)


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