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ICYMI: SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends Vintage Series

If you are a Marvel fan, San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has been an event full of surprises, even if you were not able to attend. From movie and series trailers to Comic-con exclusive collectibles, Marvel has really outdone itself this year.

One of the coolest collectible series revealed during the event was Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Vintage Series. Marvel and Hasbro revealed the first six figures for their Vintage Series line – Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Widow, Punisher, and Spider-man! Now, it is good to ask, why is it called the Vintage Series? Well, every figure comes in a blister pack with vibrant colors on the card art. It is also called ‘vintage’ as it takes some inspiration from the Toybiz 5” Marvel figures back in the 90’s, by its packaging. The figures are also comic book versions of the characters, and are closely similar to their Toybiz counterparts. Each figure also comes with interesting accessories, as we can see below:Captain America

Captain America comes with his shield and an alternate hand

Iron ManIron Man comes with boot thrusters



Wolverine (in his brown suit) comes with an alternate mask and an alternate, unmasked head

Black WidowBlack Widow comes with two blasters


Punisher comes with his combat weapon and an alternate head


and Spider-man comes with an alternate head and a slice of pizza!

These figures would definitely look great for display, especially with the vibrant packaging. It would also be a great addition to the collection of Marvel Legends aficionados! The Marvel Legends Vintage Series is scheduled to hit the stores around September or October, so stay tuned!

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