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Marmit’s Sadako

It’s the Christmas season and this might not be the gift you’d have in mind but toy manufacturer Marmit had released The Ring’s Sadako figure.  Sadako is an 8” soft vinyl figure that comes with movable arms that you can pose to relive her classic and scary trademark move. The Sadako figure also comes along with the famous well that she climbs out of. The Sadako figure is available in Japan and costs around 5,250 yen (PhP 2,300).

As I was researching the web I came across another Sadako figure and this toy is by Mezco. The figure is labeled as Living Dead Dolls Presents 3D Sadako. This figure is an exclusive for Living Dead Doll for Mamegyorai in Japan.

Also based on the movie version of herself, Living Dead Doll Sadako features her trademark hairstyle and that ultra creepy watchful eye and is slightly taller than Marmit’s version as it comes 10” tall with real cloth. According to AmazonLiving Dead Dolls 3d Sadako sells for $86.85 (PhP 1,129.37). It might be a rare figure as there’s only 1 stock left in Amazon as of this writing.

The Mezco Sadako may look cute but I find it scarier than the Marmit’s vinyl figure. Sadako was from the famous Japanese horror film, The Ring released back in 1998 that gave viewers haunting nightmares (myself included). The Ring is the highest grossing film in Japan to date at 12 billion yen and is considered as one of the most frightening horror film in Japan.


If your toy collection is about horror and monsters both the Marmit and Mezco Sadako figures would be a nice addition to your set.


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