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Frank Goes Back to Basics in The Punisher #1

punisher-2018-01-coverFrank Castle is going back to his roots after having a run with the War Machine armor. Now, he’s going back to his roots as Marvel is relaunching his “Marvel Legacy” series but keeping current writer Matthew Rosenberg in The Punisher #1.

With Riccardo Burchielli as artist, the creative team will deliver a back-to-basics Punisher but with bigger targets on his crosshairs.

“We’re going to get back to Frank Castle with a handgun and a knife, stalking the streets of New York, and getting his hands dirty,” Rosenberg told Marvel. “But we’re also going to see a man who has changed from his time in the armor. He developed a taste for bigger game and larger targets, and he’s not going to give that up easily. So in a sense it’s back to basics — but on a bigger scale.”

Frank has learned a lot from his time in the War Machine armor, and he took those lessons with him. Not only does he kill street thugs and drug kingpins, but he also has “his eyes on shaping nations these days.”

On working with Burchielli, Rosenberg said, “I am so excited to work with Riccardo. I am a huge DMZ fan, and his work on that book is really unparalleled. The sense of detail he brings to a city, to a war zone — and to the people in both — is breathtaking. I think those who aren’t familiar with his work are going to be absolutely shocked.”

The Punisher #1 by Matthew Rosenberg and Riccardo Burchielli hits stores August 1!

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