Posted November 28, 2014 by Jom Guiao in Events

Asia Pop Comic Con 2015 to be held in the Philippines

The Philippines will be hosting the Asia Pop Comic Con 2015, next year. This event will feature comics and other geek culture related subjects which will bring Marvel, Disney, and Sanrio to our side of the map.


The event will be brought to us by the Al Ahli Holding Group(AAHG). Aside from those mentioned above, the event will bring more international brands in comics, animation, toys, music and movies.

AAHG chief executive officer Mohammed Khammas said that “Philippines at large, has probably one of the most impressive roster of talent. Talk about different genres of creative arts, from filming to animation to gaming, comic books, photography, most of it are available here. We thought that with existing pool of talent that is here, it is warranted to develop something here,”.

Khammas said that the event will be one of AAHG’s many events specifically made for the Philippines which will provide an entertaining experience and help contribute to the local economy.

“Comic con is the first. We have others that we have yet to announce. As far as the rest of developments, we are looking at starting large economic skill drivers as far as investments. They are all in many ways related to intellectual property,” Khammas claimed.

Jom Guiao